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Hifi -> Speakers in the TR6

The TR6 enthusiast may turn up his nose and say: “The sound comes from the back!”

After a long highway trip to Hamburg for the annual meeting (it rained continuously), I came to the conclusion that it is quite nice to be able to hear more than just the rattling from the radio in the TR.

The problem with placing the speakers in the center console at knee height is that there is

a) no acoustically closed volume behind the speakers…

b) they radiate towards the knee and not towards the driver…

So I removed my two cold air vents, which nobody needs anyway, from the dashboard (don't forget to seal the hose!- e.g. Ballistol cap)

and installed a small coax speaker (8cm diameter) in each. These were placed in a housing from the 3D printer to increase the sound pressure/avoid an acoustic short circuit.

These now deliver high and mid-range sound and are supported by an active subwoofer behind the passenger seat…
This gets power from the connection of the interior lighting (on the cardan tunnel)

Covered with loudspeaker fabric, you have a great sound at a sufficient volume to be able to hear something at 80 mph even when roof down…. and it even looks good:

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