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When I transferred the TR from Bremen on 1.11.2015, it had just received a fresh MOT… Exactly 1 (ONE!) of the four brake pistons was moving…the rest had seized up and the thing pulled to the right when braking…. So “first things first” everything disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with new pistons, seals and hoses…still running great for >7 years.


The issue of brake support became more acute at the latest after the introduction of the sharper camshaft, which ensures less vacuum in the intake area: Without sufficient vacuum, the small brake booster is a long way from what we are used to today in terms of brake assistance… And that's where you have to reach into the electric box - as car manufacturers have been doing for a long time:

Vacuum pump from Audi (30€ at the junk shop) Vacuum switch Mater XV600 vacuum switch (23€) + hose adapter

Set to -700mBar and it works great!

Pictures to follow.

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